*My first game, submitted for the libGDX Game Jam of September 2021

Drunk Space Pilot
Designed to be played in Chrome browsers. Sometimes pilots end up drinking a little too much and need some help navigating home.

How to Play
Choose a pilot, and select the difficulty to start the game. Use your mouse to plot a safe course through the asteroid field to the capital ship on the other side. Once the course is plotted, hit the Enter key to begin.

Left Click - Plot a course
Enter - Begin Trip
R - Reset
Z - Undo last path


  • Programmer: James "JamesTKhan" Pooley
  • Voices:
    • Chet Photon: Eric Nigh
    • Captain Buck Johnson: Gary Manist
    • Kestrel: Mike Adcock


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagslibGDX, Space
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Thx James,

Very good entry for the jam

Grom A.k.a E-norm


Solid entry. Spacey music, cool narration, effects and gameplay. The main menu text is really cool also.

Thanks for playing! 


I might be drunk because I couldn't make one good path. Great entry.

Thanks! It can definitely be tricky


The concept is easy to understand but a really nice idea! It's simple and original. A lot of effort in voice to make every trip a nice moment! A great game! 

Thank you! I tried to keep it simple as it was my first entry


Difficult! Awesome idea though!

The voice acting is very pleasing.

Glad to hear!


The voice acting is definitely the best part of the game! I played many times just because they are so funny. Who wrote the lines? great humor.

My friends ad-libbed lines for it. My favorite part as well.


Very good game and a fun concept. I also enjoyed the humour in the great voice acting, nice job!

Thank you!