Submitted for the LibGDX June 2022 Game Jam!

NOTE: The HTML version may take some time to load and seem frozen for a bit, as there are a lot of things happening in the background. For better performance the jar version is recommended. If you lose full screen and camera control on HTML, press the 'F' button to get full screen and camera control back.


You are the captain of a floating city (AKA, a cruise ship) which encountered a strange storm at sea that appears to have transported you back in time! Rescue the passengers that  fell overboard during the storm and escape the pirates cove.

Be careful not to run aground or you will be sent back to the start!

The difficulty can be adjusted by opening the menu with Q key.


W- Move Forward
A- Rotate Left
S- Move Backward
D- Rotate Right
F- Fullscreen (HTML only)
Left Click- Fire Cannon
Scroll Wheel- Zoom in/out (helps with aiming)
Q- Bring up in game menu with settings

Programming: James "JamesTKhan" Pooley

Cap'n Kraken: Mike Adcock
Cap'n Brown Eye: Mike Hays
Capt. Buck Johnson: Gary Manist

Additional Models sourced thanks to Quaternius!
World created using Mundus editor.


TheTimeCruise-1.1.jar 48 MB

Install instructions

Tested on Java 8.


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Beautiful! Loved the gameplay also!


Great work.  Found your videos on how to import Blender models into libGDX.  Awesome!  You are inspiring me to do a 3D game next. Thanks.

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* hate the intro-pizza
* cool fonts
* super impressive building a 3d world with LibGDX!
* solid game play
* funny pirate and passenger voices
* didnt care for the voice-over voice though : p

kinda har to hit the pirate ships : )

first time I played my cruise ship got stuck, and I had to restart

Beautiful, nice theme

wow sailor's theme. ships, sea... it has everything i love. and yes 3d. I'm really amazed to see the potential of libGDX. great game

Thanks for playing, I love ship themes.